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Minister Claude Bennett, Jr. Founder, Heaven on Earth Ministries

“Minister Tiffany’s teaching, personal prophetic ministry and ministry materials have left an eternal harvest producing impact on the St. Louis region. Myself along with the attendees of our “Heaven on Earth Entrepreneurs and Intercessors” Conferences will forever be grateful for the treasure our Father allowed Tiffany Jordan to deposit in our lives.”

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Skip BarrettEntertainment Industry Executive

“Minister Tiffany Jordan has impacted my life every since I first became acquainted with her. It was through her dynamic prayer ministry that I noticed the unique call on her life, and the demonstration of the special anointing that is bestowed on her. Through her teaching ministry I have reached a greater level of spiritual maturity, I have learned how to put on the mind of Christ, how to walk in covenant with the Lord, and understanding my right as His child."

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Apostles Joseph & Alicia Mosely Greater Works International Ministry

“Minister Tiffany Jordan has been a true blessing and God-send into our lives since meeting her a few years ago. Minister Jordan has been a directional wind to me and my wife by giving wisdom in so many areas of our life including marriage, ministry, business endeavors, etc. She has an innate ability to prophetically posture believers, setting them on track to fulfill their God given assignments ”

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Wilonda C. Consultant, CEO of FIHN, Inc

“The power of God upon Minister Tiffany’s life, ministry and business activated my spirit, and as I yielded, God shifted. One year after my first encounter with Minister Tiffany, I write from a place where all things have become new! God is faithful. More important than the tangible blessings, I’m most grateful for God’s wisdom and guidance, and a greater thirst and hunger to be the arms and legs of Jesus Christ for humanity."

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R Inglis

Dr. Tiffany prophesized to me back when you first came on periscope that God was going to bless me suddenly and it would blow my mind. She was the first person to actually prophecy to me. Well, this blessing came when I finally turned my situation 100% over to God. I got a phone call from a friend first thing Saturday morning. While he was drunk the night before God told him to give me $25,000 (yes')- He woke up the next day, remembered and immediately picked up the phone to obey God. This man does not go to church, I don't think he ever has. God is so good. When I say the blessing was right on time, it was right on time. Praise the Lord.



Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is a prophetic advisor and coach, intercessor, entrepreneur, and apostolic visionary leader. For more than a decade, she has catapulted business leaders and organizations across the globe into greater positions of influence, productivity, and profitability by teaching them how to align with purpose and hear the voice of God. Dr. Jordan has an apostolic grace to bring divine order, and a disruptive anointing to lead change, speak truth to power, and impart God’s wisdom with authority and demonstration. She is deeply passionate about training people of faith to flow effortlessly from the pulpit to the boardroom. She is anointed and called to empower Kingdom leaders to confidently and boldly walk in their God-given assignments in the marketplace.

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“How you think determines what you will become. Take the limits off your thoughts, and you'll take the limits off your life..."

Tiffany K. Jordan


Books to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL

Start to live your REAL life now! If you are ready to be launched into purpose, these resources are designed to help you achieve your maximum potential.

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Transform your world

Just Pray: Activating God's Original Technology.

In Just Pray, Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan unveils the importance of having a God-centered, prayer life and how you can be successful in prayer whether a beginner or advanced. This manual details biblical and practical strategies to be effective in prayer and for developing an intimate relationship with God.

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Get Ready for Breakthrough

21 Days of Fasting & Prayer for Spiritual Breakthrough

It’s time for your breakthrough! Walk through the 21-day fast accompanied by the archived daily prayer led by Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan on Periscope. There are amazing testimonials in this book that will encourage, empower, and build your faith as you are waiting in God for His promises to manifest in your life. Pre-order your print copy or download the e-book!

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Take the Limits Off

Life Without Limits: Think. Believe. Decree.

It’s time to take the limits off your life! This prophetic guide is an empowering teaching, designed to renew your mind, shift your paradigm, and position you to dominate in your sphere of influence with boldness. You will be activated to tap into your power and live a life WITHOUT LIMITS!

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Get Ready for Vision

The Power of Vision & Mp3 Dowload

Vision determines your destiny. Where there is no vision, people perish
~Proverbs 29:18~

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Kompass University

Discipleship is the formula for global success in the Kingdom of God.

Barriers are eradicated through comprehensive online interaction. KOMPASS university is endowed with the resources and wisdom to catapult an innovative generation of leader's that will multiply in their province of authority and influence.

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
– William Arthur Ward

1:1 Coaching
Author * Life * Spiritual

1:1 Coaching with Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is a targeted, life-changing experience leveraging spiritual and practical advisory to help leaders discover their purpose, develop intimacy and boldness in their relationship with God, break through barriers, and be positioned to dominate in their sphere of influence. Sessions are offered in various intervals - monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or one-time.

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